Feb 28 2020 12:48am PST

Grid Status

The grid is Offline

User Status Count
This grid has 0 users online.
There are 0 HG Visitors.
There are 273 registered users.
There are 0 active past 24 hours.
There are 75 active past 30 days.
There are 162 active HG Visits past 30 days.
Most users on was 22 on Nov 19 2019 2:48pm PST.

Region Status Count
There are 36 regions.
There are 54 legacy regions.
Legacy Regions numbers are counted as if ALL regions including var's were just single 256 by 256 meter regions.
There are 30 256 regions.
There are 6 varregions.
Total of 3,538,944 square meters of land.